Présentation du programme

Ecolo-Groen Etterbeek crée une commune qui vit en permettant à toutes et tous d’y trouver sa place.

Mes 3 mesures phares

  • 1ère

    An inclusive community

    Autres Autres

    Let’s make Etterbeek as inclusive as diverse it is. A city where everyone can find its place, where all citizens are free to go wherever they want to regardless disabilities and where people with less resources are supported to access affordable housing. A community that celebrates its diversity and stands firm against racism and homophobia.

  • 2ème

    A city that breathes

    Environnement Environnement

    By overcoming an outdated urbanism model, Etterbeek will be able to breath and move forward. Towards an intelligent mobility, that gives space to more efficient and clean means of transport and minimizes the impacts of fuel-based ones on health, noise and safety. By applying a sustainable city development plan and a circular economy strategy, we’ll bring clean air, clean streets and green areas for everyone.

  • 3ème

    An open and efficient administration

    Gouvernance Gouvernance

    We need to tackle bureaucracy, simplify the administrative procedures for citizens and play a proactive role to remove duplicities. So, let’s bring our administration to the digital era and open mechanisms of participation in the decision-making process.


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