Chaudfontaine - 3 Electoral lists

Municipal elections 2018

MYOC helps you finding the candidate that fits you. Try it now !

There is no municipality with this postal code
1st step

Choose a municipality

Discover the candidates, electoral lists and their programs, in the municipality of your choice.

2nd step

Compare the programs

Explore the key measures by topics and vote for your favorite ones.
Submit your proposals and ask for the candidates' point of view on specific issues.

3rd step

Make your own choice

On October 14th, make an informed choice!

An informed choice for a renewed democracy

MYOC, why?

The idea is based on a simple observation: the posters and leaflets distributed do not allow citizens to make an informed choice during elections. The result: young and old lose their interest in elections and politics in general.

Difficult access to information and meaningless voting are the two problems we are trying to solve with the "Make Your Own Choice" project.

MYOC is a platform, non-partisan and independent, that allows you to read political programmes and compare them, so that every voter will vote in good conscience in the next communal elections.

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